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Ein Gedi-products for people who care about their health.

Ein Gedi specializes in the production and development of Dead Sea Cosmetics & Spa, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Candles, Anointing Oils, and Holy Land Religious Items. 

Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetics & Spa
Ein Gedi manufactures and produces Dead Sea Mineral products.
Skin care: Day Creams, Night Creams, Eye Creams, Body Lotions, Protective Moisturizers, Mud Masks, 
Deep Cleanser, Hand Creams, Foot Creams, Body & Bath Oils, and more.

Bath and Spa Products: Foot & Body Salt Soak - Natural and with Pure Essential Oils, Exfoliating Salt
Body Scrubs, Black Mud, Shampoo and Conditioners, Dead Sea Mineral Soaps, Dead Sea Black Mud
Soaps, Shower and Bath Gels, Body Splashes, etc. 

No animal ingredients are used in any of our products.
None of our products are tested on animals. 

Anointing Oils
Ein Gedi Manufactures a large variety of Anointing Oils in diferent kind of packaging and bottles.
The Anointing Oils made of Virgin olive oil and essential oils of flours and plants that are mention in the 
Since the oils are made of Natural olive oil, it can effect on the smell of the products depends
the batch of the olive oil. 
The products are unique and represent the scent from the past.

Ein Gedi Cosmetics produces original perfumes based on natural essences made of plants characteristic
of the Land of the Bible and flowers from the Holy Land. The perfume bottles are hand painted and 
undergo traditional manual antiquing and oven firing to achieve the special tints of ancient glass. 
Our Perfumes Include: Light of Jerusalem, King Solomon, Lion of Judah, Lily of the Valleys, Rose of 
Sharon, Essence of Ein Gedi, Essence of Masada, Essence of Qumran.and more 

Religious Products
Perfumed Anointing Oils, Holy Water, Magen David, Menorahs etc.

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