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Customers CLUB

Funded program on our shop charges you points for purchases and some useful actions ( inviting friends , writing reviews to goods - see details below)

Why do we need points?

Points go to the expense of new payment for your orders. You pay for the order less!

How to get points ?

Points are awarded in the following cases :

For purchases : You get points for every purchase in our store.
For registration in our store -20 points.
For subscribing to the newsletter -20 points.
For inviting friends to our shop -20 points.
For registration you invite friends in our store -20 points.
For the purchase of your friends you invite to our store -20 points.
For writing reviews to -50 points.
For adding labels (tags) to the item -10 points.
As scores affect the cancellation of the order value ?

1 point = 1 ruble .

How can I pay points ?

When ordering, if you have accumulated enough points , the store will offer you to credit scores in the cost of the order. The remainder of the cost you can pay other conventional methods .

Where to see my points ?

Information about you collected and spent points is in your Personal Area.

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