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Anyone who tried to Dead Sea cosmetics at least once, stays with her forever.

Dead Sea medical mud contains a huge range of highly concentrated minerals.

The Dead Sea

One of the best known climatotherapy sites is the Dead Sea, which offers formalized treatment facilities for psoriasis. At 1,200 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth's surface. This creates a very unique climate that allows people to sunbathe for long periods of time without burning. The Dead Sea water is said to have a therapeutic effect on the skin due to its high salt and mineral content. It has an extraordinarily high salt content of 33 percent. In comparison, the Great Salt Lake in Utah has 22 percent, and the oceans have 3 percent.

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evaluation of successful antipsoriatic climatotherapy

Background Natural balneologic properties, thermomineral springs and unequivocal success in improving psoriasis, attract an ever-growing number of psoriatlcs to the DMZ Clinic on the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel.

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How to Deep Clean Your Body ?

Who taught you to get really clean? With so many books on how to clean almost everything why don't any of them talk about our body? Finally, here's a start to this topic for everyone.Understand what really needs to be done. Getting really clean involves first understanding what we are dealing with. There are all kinds of solvents, soaps, cleaning agents, scrubs, etc. for almost any kind of substance you might get on your body, but once that special circumstance is cleared, it's back to basics.

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