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Dead Sea Cosmetics and Minerals - Mon Platin DSM

Dead Sea Cosmetics and Minerals - Mon Platin DSM

Mon Platin - known Israeli brand of mineral makeup , which is produced by the manufacturer A.Meshi Cosmetic Industries Ltd. The company began to produce skin-care skin and body in 2000 , and a year on the market , a series of cosmetics for hair care . Today, the line of cosmetics manufactured under this brand name needs no introduction : the means are successfully sold in more than 20 countries around the world .

Mon Platin - a godsend for people who are fans of natural cosmetics and environmentally friendly products. The entire line of cosmetics Mon Platin carefully and gently cares for the human skin , in the tools include salts , mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. Unique ingredient is bee products, caviar and various essential oils that make up cosmetics.

The whole line of cosmetics Mon Platin scientists and approved dermatologists . To date product line includes 260 products for various applications, which have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Cosmetics line Mon Platin

The most popular line of cosmetics from producer Mon Platin is «Black Caviar Collection». The composition of this series includes caviar - a unique ingredient that has nutritious, stimulating and rejuvenating properties . Line of luxury cosmetics «Black Caviar Collection» - a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins A, D and E.

When using cosmetics can prevent new wrinkles , and improve the structure of the epidermis . In line presented masks, tonics, lotions , care of hair, face cream , skin around the eyes and hands. Cosmetics «Black Caviar Collection» is recommended for use with 18 - year-old .

Mon Platin products introduced to the market the following names :

  • Beauty products for skin cleansing facial ( lotions, tonics, lotions , peels , moisturizing soap );
  • Mud and mineral mask for the skin ;
  • Moisturizing and nourishing cream for all skin types ;
  • Lotions for the skin around the eyes;
  • Preparations for skin rejuvenation ;
  • Series sunscreens ;
  • Cosmetic line for problem skin ;
  • The line of body care ;
  • Tools for hair care (shampoos , masks, balms, conditioners );
  • Line of cosmetics for men.

Cosmetic product line Mon Platin - the perfect solution for every age and skin type. All products are created taking into account age -related skin changes on innovative technologies . Today mineral makeup Mon Platin successfully used in many SPA- salons and beauty centers .

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