Understand what really needs to be done. Getting really clean involves first understanding what we are dealing with. There are all kinds of solvents, soaps, cleaning agents, scrubs, etc. for almost any kind of substance you might get on your body, but once that special circumstance is cleared, it's back to basics.
    • There are three basic things we need to clean when we wash. Each part requires a different method of cleaning.
      • First is the dirt and grunge that seems to stick to us from who knows where. Even sitting in a clean room still gets us dirty.
      • Second is the dead skin cells that are constantly flaking off our skin.
      • Third is the body oils under the skin, not just those on the surface.
    Learn how the process works. Dirt, grunge, filth, etc. that are on the surface of the skin tend to stick to us for two reasons. They generally have some cohesive power of their own and/or they mix with oils in our skin, which are always being secreted for protection from the environment. That's why even dust getting on our skin will eventually seem like greasy mud.
    • We have two types of body secretions - oil and water (sweat). Those and the things that mix with them are best cleaned with a compound that breaks down the oils, makes them more soluble and allows them to be washed off easily. This is what soap is.
    • Regardless of the additives for scent, cream, color, etc. the goal is to get the oils broken down and off the body. This is all there is to washing in most people's minds, but they're wrong. Read on!
    Work on getting rid of the dead skin. Dead skin is the cause of most odors. Regardless of the advertising for antibacterial agents to kill odors, it's a rare case where good clean hygiene doesn't work wonders. Think about your high school gym. Remember the distinct aroma as you walked in? It came from the fermenting, decaying, skin and oils on the clothes left in the lockers. A moist environment with dead matter (skin cells) is a beautiful medium for bacterial growth and decay.
    What about that towel you use every time you bathe? How many times does it get used before it begins to stink? Yup! Same reason. It accumulated the dead cells and oils that were left over after a poor cleaning. Dealing with this takes a good scrubbing with a course sponge, wash cloth, brush, or similar item. The key is to get as much of the loose and dying and dead skin cells along with the oils off BEFORE you use the towel.
    Try a really hot shower or bath. Oils under the skin are the next culprit. Taking a cold bath or shower won't touch these. You need to get your pores open and ejecting (secreting) their contents to clean them out. Bacteria can breed in your pores. Accumulation of oils can cause everything from acne to death by skin eating diseases. The easiest way to open your pores is heat. Exercise can do it because it will affect both sweat glands and the oil pores, but heat by itself is also effective. Taking a nice hot bath is excellent, but a quick HOT shower is fine too.
    Make sure you take a HOT bath or shower which gets you sweating and opens your pores, allowing them to secret their contents.
    • Use a good soap to dissolve the oils and remove the dirt.
    • Scrub your skin with a rough sponge or cloth that will help take off all the dead and dying skin cells. Be sure and rub everywhere twice, once while cleaning with soap and a second time when washing off during the final rinse.
    • Another consideration is to dry completely to the point where you are no longer secreting (sweating) from the hot cleaning before you dress. If you've done a good thorough cleaning, the dampness that your clothes will absorb will dry with no or minimal odor. You are constantly sloughing off dead skin cells, but if you've just finished cleaning, there will be far less ending up in your clothes to begin to decay and embarrass you.






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